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This is Gresco's family recipe, with a few tricks up our sleeve. 
They don’t just use any cheese for this ricotta—they use the freshest whole milk with just enough salt to bring out the natural flavors of the dairy.
The result is a creamy, sweet, rich cheese that tastes like it was made by your Italian grandmother.
Ricotta is traditionally made from cow's milk. Our Ricotta is made from fresh, whole milk curds that are slowly drained of their whey and rested so they develop a wonderfully mild, sweet flavor with creamy texture. The possibilities are endless with Ricotta! Use it in baked lasagna or ravioli, top your favorite vegetables with it, or enjoy it straight out of the container.
Ricotta cheese is a staple in Italian cuisine. It’s used as a filling in cannolis, as a sauce for ravioli, as an ingredient in tiramisu, and as a topping for bruschetta. In this beautiful jar you will find the traditional ingredients of ricotta, heavy cream, and salt. When combined these ingredients create a creamy, sweet, rich product that is perfect for culinary adventures or simply eating with a spoon.
Home Made and Vacuum Packed in New York City's Little Italy by Mike's Deli
2 or 4 lb - Vacuum Packed
Shelf Life: 7 Days Vacuum - 2 Days Opened
Keep refrigerated
Image is for reference only and product color can vary based on natural factors